About Us

SoupamarketHK is an independent brand established in 2019 by two good friends who are now mums with a common goal to promote a "Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) soup-drinking culture" for the younger generation of parents, mums, dads, wives, husbands, partners, the busy-working-class and mindful, healthy foodies.


Our founding principles are based on a simple and important rule, “Make your own soup, your choice, your rules! Say yes to homemade and say no to MSG soups.” We understand and know that a warm bowl of authentic, homemade soup fulfils your body (and tummy!), soothes the soul and brings love ones together.


Our ingredients are handpicked and supplied from trusted local suppliers and high-grade quality is absolutely guaranteed.We provide a convenient and quick way to cook TCM Chinese soups with selected formulas for different health needs and functions.


All soup pack products are freshly made daily and packed locally in just the right portions. All our soup packs are absolutely delicious and comes with simple cooking steps for the modern lifestyle in mind. We believe that cooking TCM soup is simple and fun so we especially designed illustrations with instructions in Chinese and English to show the steps from preparing to boiling the soup. The illustrations are presented to make it easy for anyone to become expert soup chefs, and making your own Homemade soup is where the taste of “home” belongs!