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Green Tea Flavored Snow candies | Handmade | No Additives |

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Hong Kong local brand Tasty8899 

❄️ Green Tea Flavor Snowflake Crisp❄️

Green tea-flavored Snow candies are made with Japan Marukyu Koyamaen Jiwakatake matcha powder
matcha powder is specially chosen because of its balanced sweetness and astringency
When you eat it, you will eat the Snow candies. It is sweet, but green tea is both sweet and astringent, and it is sweet but not greasy 😗
with Nuts and Dried Cranberries
There are crunchy nuts and cranberries in the bite 😋


Purely handmade🤲🏻without any additives
The taste is crunchy and smoky at the same time 💥Try it unforgettable 💥
Individually packaged, one sip has a good taste 😋

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